Come on Over to My Place, Sister Girlfriend, and We’ll Co-Work

LOS ANGELES — Most wage-earning women have gone through some version of this prework routine: assemble appropriate outfit (not too flashy, not too drab). Add layer to protect against office elements (central air-conditioning; the leering). Maybe steel self for mansplaining (or something more sinister).

“Sometimes I just want to wear sweatpants,” said Zipporah Burman, 27, a graphic designer in Los Angeles. “Sue me!”

A desire for comfort, both physical and mental, has fueled the growth of women’s-only co-working spaces — some highly branded, like the Wing, and with significant membership fees.

Quilt, a six-month-old start-up based in Los Angeles and founded by Ashley Sumner and Gianna Wurzl, is designed differently. Its members, which number around 1,000, work out of one another’s homes in four-hour sessions, and in lieu of annual dues, they pay per-session fees, usually around $20, of which hosts keep 80 percent (some of which they may spend on snacks and drinks).

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