HIV Treatment Can Be Started Later

Nov. 17, 2003 — HIV treatment can be begun afterward than thought, say researchers. But there are stipulations.

A new think about shows that HIV-infected adults who complied with the strict medicate regimens of HIV treatment had comparative survival rates, in any case of the state of their safe framework at the start of treatment.

HIV continuously attacks a person’s resistant framework, making it harder to battle off ailment. Doctors right now utilize blood tests that degree immune function, particularly the CD4 cell count, along with tests that measure the level of the infection within the blood to monitor individuals infected with HIV.

Current rules call for starting HIV treatment when CD4 counts are less than 200. In any case, researchers say it’s hazy whether or not beginning HIV treatment some time recently CD4 cell checks drop below those levels would provide benefits.

The timing of HIV treatment is a basic clinical question because patients must balance the dangers for illness progression with premature sedate resistance, side impacts, and possibly life-threatening toxicities.

Past studies have shown that as it were HIV patients with immune cell checks below 200 were at increased hazard for illness progression, notwithstanding of the sum of virus in the blood. But analysts say those comes about may have been muddled by not taking patient adherence to the strict sedate regimen associated with HIV treatment into consideration.

Adherence Crucial to HIV Treatment

In this study, published within the Nov. 18 issue of the Annals of Inner Medication, analysts looked at whether the CD4 cell number at the time of beginning HIV treatment or sticking to treatment was more closely linked to survival rates.

Researcher Evan Wood, PhD, and colleagues followed more than 1,400 HIV-infected grown-ups in Canada on HIV treatment.

The consider showed that patients with CD4 checks over 200 who refilled their drug prescriptions frequently had lower passing rates compared with those with comparable safe function levels who did not fill their drug prescriptions routinely.

In fact, survival rates were comparable among HIV patients that adhered to HIV treatment in any case of whether medicate treatment started when there CD4 levels were between 200 and 349 or more than 350.

Analysts say their findings appear that quiet nonadherence, instead of the timing of when HIV treatment is started, may be the most grounded determinant of persistent survival.

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