Posttraumatic Stress, Fibromyalgia Linked

June 10, 2004 — The strange inveterate torment condition fibromyalgia is broadly thought of as a woman’s disease, but modern investigate proposes it is also common among men with posttraumatic push disorder.

In a think about of male Israeli war veterans, half of the men with combat-related PTSD also had the tenderness and pain characteristic of fibromyalgia. The discoveries were reported today in Berlin at a European rheumatology assembly.

There is a developing body of investigate connecting posttraumatic push and chronic pain, but the Israeli investigation is the primary to constrain its ponder populace to males.

“A steady relationship has been seen between PTSD and unremitting pain conditions like fibromyalgia,” says psychologist John D. Otis, PhD, who is also examining the interface in veterans. “The fact that the torment is often independent of the traumatic event leads us to accept that there is something else going on.”

Torment and Injury

Whereas the cause of fibromyalgia remains obscure, the condition often happens taking after physical injury — such as an sickness or damage — which may act as a trigger. In 1990, the American College of Rheumatology created a standardized symptomatic evaluation for fibromyalgia, which incorporates a history of widespread torment for a minimum of three months and pressure-associated torment at 11 of 18 specific destinations on the body.

The ACR measures were utilized within the Israeli study to evaluate 55 war veterans with severe PTSD, along with 20 veterans with major sadness and 49 veterans with not one or the other condition.

Almost half — 49% — of the PTSD patients met the criteria for fibromyalgia, but only 5% of the patients with major misery did. None of the men who had not one or the other condition had fibromyalgia.

In his introduction to the European Alliance Against Stiffness, lead examiner Howard Amital, MD, notes the fibromyalgia-PTSD connect was much stronger than that for PTSD and major sadness, despite the truth that the severity of the two psychiatric conditions was comparable.

“Psychiatric sickness is not) fundamentally correlated with fibromyalgia, but PTSD certainly is,” he notes. “The indications may overlap, but the degree and the intensity of these disorders are so closely related that it cannot be fair a coincidence.”

Joining Treatment

Diminish Roy-Byrne, MD, who is chief of psychiatry at Seattle’s Harborview Medical Center, has moreover studied the association between posttraumatic stretch and chronic pain and weakness. He tells WebMD that patients with fibromyalgia ought to be assessed for PTSD, and PTSD patients should be evaluated for the persistent torment condition. Roy-Byrne is additionally teacher and vice chairman of the department of psychiatry at the University of Washington School of Medicine.

“Indeed though the pharmacological treatment of these conditions may be comparative, the behavioral and cognitive approaches to treatment may contrast in patients with both,” he says.

Otis says his possess VA experience also suggests an awfully high frequency of unexplained incessant torment among veterans with PTSD. He is evaluating the adequacy of cognitive behavioral treatment for the treatment of patients with both conditions.

“Our thinking is that that we’ll do a far better work of treating both conditions utilizing an coordinates, behavioral approach,” he says.

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