The Virtue of H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III and Holy Occurrences 11



  I hold in great respect Master Wan Ko Yee’s noble moral character. I have known the Master for ten years. I have seen so many examples of the Master’s selflessness and morality. I was so moved that I decided to do something to benefit the Master. In order to make an offering to the Master, I made a special trip to the United States in 1999. I invited the Master to Oakland to see an almost 65,000 square foot building that I would like to offer to him. The Master did not accept it. Later, I invited the Master to Richmond, which is in the San Francisco area, to view a 37 acre piece of land. That land was only a little more than ten minutes from Chinatown by car and was situated in a good part of the city. The Master immediately and steadfastly refused to accept it. My only choice was to give up.
  Finally, a year later, I made an offering to the Master of US$1,500,000. The Master immediately instructed someone to fax me material in Chinese and English regarding United International World Buddhism Association Headquarters. That money was directly donated to that organization. The Master did not accept one cent of it. This is the conduct of Master Wan Ko. 
  I do not care about the gossip of others. I personally experienced the incidents described above. The Master’s high morality is truly moving. I have not seen any other person in my entire life with such selfless moral character. 
  Pan Hsiao-Rui
  February 8, 2003 

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