Vitamins Help After Heart Transplant

March 28, 2002 — Antioxidant vitamins (such as vitamins C or E) may offer assistance heart transplant patients keep their supply routes healthy and blood streaming smoothly after surgery, concurring to a unused study.

Approximately 70% of heart transplant patients create problems with hardening of the supply routes, or arteriosclerosis, inside three years of their surgery. Researchers say since methods to control organ rejection have improved in recent years, transplant-related arteriosclerosis has emerged as one of the greatest dangers to survival for these patients.

The study, distributed in the British therapeutic journal The Lancet, found day by day supplements of vitamins C and E slowed the development of plaque within course dividers in heart transplant patients for up to one year after surgery. Plaque growth is one of the major donors to solidifying of the supply routes.

The plaque-fighting benefits of the antioxidant supplements were indeed greater than those found utilizing statin medications, which have as of now been shown to slow hardening of the supply routes after transplants. Previous research has shown that antioxidants, such as vitamin C and E, can promote heart health by diminishing blood clots and keeping the blood vessels flexible.

Analysts say antioxidant supplements may also be useful in anticipating comparative complications taking after other sorts of transplant surgeries such as kidney, lung, and liver transplants. But more ponder is required to decide whether the benefits of vitamin C and E supplementation can last over several years, when most cases of transplant-related solidifying of the arteries happen.

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